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Pre de Provence - Soap - Spiced Rum - 150 Gram Case

SKU 10629

Pre de Provence Soap

Imported from France

Spiced Rum Fragrance

Eighteen (18) Large 150 gram (5.3 ounce) Bath Bars

(That’s just shy of 6 pounds of soap!)

Tropical, fruity “boat drink” dark rum scent with a hint of spice. Think “Sailor Jerry”!


·        Large 150 gram size (perfect for children and adults with smaller hands)

·        Made in France

·        100% vegetable ingredients

·        Shea butter enriched (skin-nourishing oil from African nut tree)

·        Aroma provided by Pure Essential Oils

·        No parabens

·        No ethyl alcohol

·        No animal fats

·        No animal testing

·        Quadruple-milled for long-lasting usage and superb lathering

·        Each bar individually wrapped to preserve freshness

·        UPC Code: 612082768503

·        European Soaps part number: 35159SR



·        LATHERING SOAP: This soap is very smooth, with no embedded particles. It lathers well and lasts a very long time. Shea butter nourishes skin.

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