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Pre de Provence - Soap - Juicy Pomegranate - 150 Gram Case

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Pre de Provence Soap

Imported from France

Juicy Pomegranate Fragrance

Eighteen (18) Large 150 gram (5.3 ounce) Bath Bars

(Thatís just shy of 6 pounds of soap!)

Embedded finely ground pieces of pomegranate rind. Ripe, woodsy scent of ripe pomegranates


        Large 150 gram size (perfect for children and adults with smaller hands)

        Made in France

        100% vegetable ingredients

        Shea butter enriched (skin-nourishing oil from African nut tree)

        Aroma provided by Pure Essential Oils

        No parabens

        No ethyl alcohol

        No animal fats

        No animal testing

        Quadruple-milled for long-lasting usage and superb lathering

        Each bar individually wrapped to preserve freshness

        UPC Code: 612082765243

        European Soaps part number: 35159JP



        EXFOLIATING SOAP: This soap is a scrubbing soap, designed to remove dead and dry skin cells. It has embedded natural particles that scrub off dead skin while nourishing the new skin underneath with shea butter.

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