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Pre de Provence - Soap - 250 Gram Choose 12

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Please enter your mix/match choices totaling 12 bars:

Pre de Provence Soap

Imported from France

Mix / Match Your Choice of

Twelve (12) Extra Large 250 gram (8.8 ounce) Bath Bars

(That’s over 6.6 pounds of soap!)


Our best selling item!

Try a variety of your choice of these fantastic soaps by putting together your own variety pack – at a great price!

In the “Please enter your mix/match choices totaling 12 bars:” field simply type in the scent name of each soap followed by the number of bars you would like to receive (totaling 12 bars).

For example:

Agrumes x 2

Coconut x 1

Lavender x 2

…and so on


Choose from the following currently manufactured scents:


Agrumes / Citrus: Mix of Grapefruit, Orange, and Lemon. A top seller. (lathering)

Amande: Almond and Pineapple - Like a tropical Mai Tai! (lathering)

Pre de Provence Black Currant Soap Bar. Slightly woodsy and green-fruity (lathering)

Black Currant: Slightly woodsy with a hint of green stonefruit (lathering)

Cashmere Woods: Slightly woodsy with a hint of musk (good choice for men) (lathering)

Coconut: Scent of the tropical islands (lathering)

Cucumber: The classic is back! Fresh cut garden cucumber (lathering)

Pre de Provence Grapefruit Soap Bar. Scent of sweet Pink Grapefruit. Sweeter scent than Agrumes (lathering)

Grapefruit: Scent of sweet Pink Grapefruit. Sweeter scent than Agrumes (lathering)

Green Tea: Tea Leaves with a hint of bamboo (lathering)

Honey Almond. Embedded finely ground pieces of almond and scent of fresh honey. A top seller. (exfoliating)

Jade Vine: Unique ivy scent popular with people that like to garden (lathering)

Juicy Pomegranate: Sweet, ripe pomegranate (exfoliating)

Lavender: Herbal smell of lavender field. Embedded lavender bits. A top seller. (exfoliating)

Lemon Mojito: Mild lemon scent with hint of spice (lathering)

Lemongrass: Strong lemon and herb scent. Embedded lemongrass (exfoliating)

Lily of the Valley: Lily and honeysuckle spring flower scent. (lathering)

Lime Zest: Sweet citrus lime with embedded rind (exfoliating)

Linden: Crisp citrus scent from linden tree flowers. A top seller. (lathering)

Pre de Provence Milk Soap Bar. Sweet, rich cream - like a milkshake! (lathering)

Mangosteen: Slightly Woodsy Scent of Bitter Orange Mixed with Mangosteen (lathering)

Milk: Sweet, rich cream - like a milkshake! (lathering)


Mint Leaf: Minty fresh lather is cool on the skin (exfoliating)

Mirabelle: Sweet scent of plum tree blossoms in spring (lathering)

Noble Fir: Smells like a fresh cut Christmas Tree! (lathering)

Ocean Air: Intriguing mix of Sea Salt and spiced musk (good choice for men). (lathering)

Pre De Provence Patchouli Patchouly SoapBar

Patchouli: Scents of a day spa while getting a soothing massage! (lathering)


Peony: Floral bouquet with hint of face powder (lathering)

Pre de Provence Persimmon Soap Bar 

Persimmon: Scent of Autumn harvest fruit with hint of spice (lathering)

Herbs of Provence: Spicy musk cologne (excellent choice for men) (exfoliating)


Raspberry: Super-ripe, sweet raspberries (lathering)


Rose Petal: Scent of a rose garden in spring. Embedded rose petals (exfoliating)


Rosemary Mint: Intriguing aroma of rosemary herb and mint leaves (exfoliating)


Sage: Herbal and slightly musky (good choice for men). Embedded pieces of sage (exfoliating)

Sandalwood: Sweet yet woodsy (good choice for men) (lathering)


Sea Salt: Amazingly accurate scent of salt - like sniffing a Morton or Leslie Salt container! (lathering)


Spiced Balsam: Milder version of “Old Spice” cologne, with hints of citrus and wildflowers (lathering)


Spiced Rum: Tropical, fruity “boat drink” rum scent with a hint of spice (lathering)


Starflower: Scent of fresh, clean laundry with Downy fabric softener (lathering)


Sweet Lemon: Pleasant, soft scent of a lemonade Creamsicle ice cream (lathering)


Tiger Lily: Bright pink coral in color, and smells just like a bouquet of the flower! (lathering)

Vanilla Cognac : Strong sandalwood scent and mild vanilla - Good choice for men (lathering)


Verbena: Lime / lemon scent from the lemon verbena shrub. A top seller. (lathering)


White Gardenia: Scent of tropical, exotic gardenia flowers (exfoliating)


Wildflowers: Mountain meadow wildflowers blooming in Spring (lathering)



·        Extra large 250 gram size (largest size made in this product line)

·        Made in France

·        100% vegetable ingredients

·        Shea butter enriched (skin-nourishing oil from African nut tree)

·        Aroma provided by Pure Essential Oils

·        No parabens

·        No ethyl alcohol

·        No animal fats

·        No animal testing

·        Quadruple-milled for long-lasting usage and superb lathering

·        Each bar individually wrapped to preserve freshness

·        UPC Code: Varies

·        European Soaps part number: Varies



·        LATHERING SOAP: This soap is very smooth, with no embedded particles. It lathers well and lasts a very long time. Shea butter nourishes skin.

·        EXFOLIATING SOAP: This soap is a scrubbing soap, designed to remove dead and dry skin cells. It has embedded natural particles that scrub off dead skin while nourishing the new skin underneath with shea butter.


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